Providing corporations and individuals with innovative business relationship management and advisory services


Condor International Advisors, LLC is a Washington DC based management consulting firm providing innovative business relationship management and business advisory services.  We help our clients adapt to challenging domestic and international environments. We help our clients develop and enlarge the market share while effectively managing a variety of complex business and geopolitical issues. We help our clients implement business strategies to achieve success and establish a competitive edge, which often requires more than just strategic planning and investment – it also demands the right connections.

We develop those connections for our clients and make sure they meet the right people at the right time.

Gaining a competitive edge in markets that offer only limited opportunities requires the development of strong business and political networks.  We have those networks and put them to work for our clients.  Strong government relations and solid business contacts are essential to maximize the effectiveness of any business strategy.

We pride ourselves on being innovative relationship managers, developing and maintaining important domestic and international business and political contacts for our clients. We possess exceptionally strong relationships with key figures in various U.S. government entities, foreign government, and embassies, and we assist our clients in forming their own connections.


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